I recently purchased the Qidi X-one 3d printer, here are some notes.

Sensor error or power is not enough

When I first tried to print, whenever I tried preheating the base or printing from a file, I would get the error “sensor error or power is not enough”. I eventually figured out that this was due to a loose connection in the cable that connects to the build base. The white wire was not fully connected, and I just had to push it in a bit more and the error was resolved.

Tangled spool

On one of my earlier prints, I checked on the printer to find that none of the PLA material was coming out of the nozzle. The spool had become tangled in the back because I had not fully clipped the white guide tube in place. Once I fully clipped the guide tube in place this problem was resolved.

Final thoughts

Printing with the Qidi X-one has been very easy, and the prints have come out great. I’ve used both PLA and ABS to print objects, and am overall very happy with the results.